Our Staff

Gulu Gulu teachers and staffs want to form a strong partnership with you to ensure a trusted and best possible relationship with your child. Our teachers provide daily communication with families and seek to understand your unique needs.
Karen Chan

Founder of Gulu Gulu learning program starting from 2010.


Starting from 2000, Karen has been dedicating her career in young children early development and education. She studied Education/Multiple Subjects Teaching (Liberal Studies) at Fresno State University, California. Before she started Gulu Gulu, she had been working with different age group of children, as well as volunteering at special education classroom. All these experiences prepared her well in her future teaching path to serve more children and families! 


Moreover, with the benefit of her Asian background, she is determinated to bring in diverse cultural values into her classrooms. She believe that teachers should provide a positive and caring environment for children to build up their skills and achieve possible 



Besides, parents and teachers should work as a team! Therefore, Gulu Gulu offers ongoing parents communication platforms through emails, phone meeting, Saturday play dates, and family events. 


As a director of the program, Karen has been playing a leadership role with her staffs, as well as a team player! In order to reach this goal, Gulu Gulu offers staff development opportunities and staff events to build up team spirit. 



"As adults, we can inspire and encourage a love of learning in our children, but we can't push them to learn. We can do far more good by creating an environment of support — both at home and at school — in which children can develop their own ideas, express feelings, take chances, make choices, share their opinions, and most of all, grow to be strong individuals. By knowing what interests your child has and discovering how she/he learns best, we can help him/her build skills in the context of his/her strengths and assist him/her to explore the fully potentials."   Karen Chan, Director

Chi Le

Infant Teacher since 2011.


Her education and training was originally Literature from Vietnam, which later fell in love with the early ages while she was raising her first two children in the United States. 


Now, Chi is a mother of three children. 

She is caring, well organgized, and goal oriented person! 


Outside the classroom, she enjoys cooking and gardening.  


She loves the collaborative work effort established with her colleagues to provide a rich, stimulating, safe, environment for the children at Gulu Gulu Preschool.  


"I feel fortunate to work with my team at this heart warming home-liked setting classroom.  I learn so much from my team and the children every day."                                    Chi, Le


Teacher Pan Pan

Volunteer at Gulu Gulu in 2011

Teacher Assistant from 2012-2016

ECE Associate Teacher from DeAnza College since 2016. 


T. Panpan is an outgoing teacher who enjoys nature and sunshine


She has been teaching Chinese Mandarin classes at both preschool and afterschool program. She also assisting Gulu Gulu to set up a nurturing, active, and challenging environment that encourages curiosity, active learning, values, problem solving, language development, and a positive self-image.

T. Panpan has been dedicating her time in child development since 2011 and continue to grow her passions in teaching.


She look forward to working with parents who take such an interest in their children’s education. 


Teacher Amy
Teacher Chitra

Preschool Enrichment Teacher since 2018.

Ms. Chitra was a software engineer who decided to focus on teaching our next generation after two years of being in a engineering field. She is now a mother of one beautiful daughter who is also attending a preschool.  

She is very kind and passionate about education. She has been being a motivated teacher since the first day at Gulu Gulu. She is not only assisting our preschoolers on academic developments, but she only focus on their physical well being and social skills as well. 

With no doubt, she will definitely bring in many favors to Gulu Gulu! 


Teacher Anh

Afterschool Teacher since 2015

Teacher Ahn is transferring to San Jose State University in Fall, 2018.

She manage homework club at the learning center and also being one of the summer camp enrichment teacher as well. Students not only influenced by her hardworking spirit, they also adore her because of her great personalities. 

Afterschool Teacher assistant since 2017

Teacher Amy has one adorable daugther who is also attending at Gulu Gulu.

She enjoy cooking, art and craft, and gardening. Check out the garden at the center when you get a chance. All the veggies are planted by Teacher Amy. 

Teacher Amy is also a teacher driver who offer transportation services to Gulu Gulu students after school. 

Teacher Coco

Teacher driver since 2016

Substitute teacher and teacher driver since 2018

Teacher Coco was major in engineering but now trying a total new field after she finished the master program.

She has been offering technical support to all of our equipment, website development, as well as media support on the stage during Gulu Gulu Winter Talent Show.

Teacher Coco also has been assisting homework club at the the center sometimes and taking substitute positions between two campuses.